To modify or bulk delete an existing label, you'll need to navigate to a view of all the labels you currently have on the platform, which you can do by clicking on any of the Add Labels buttons in the tool. You can find this button in the Domains & IPs section for BreachSight, or in the Vendors section of the Vendor Risk view.

An example of the "+" button in the BreachSight view

Once you click the button, you'll see a new pane that lists out all the labels you currently have in your instance. To add custom labels, type a new label in the search bar and select the option to add a new label in the results.

To remove/modify labels, navigate to the Settings where you will see 'Labels'. Find the label you'd like to modify or delete, and click the pencil next to that item - you'll see the option to either rename or delete that label.

If you opt to delete a label that's currently applied to one or more items in the tool, whether that's a vendor, one of your own domains, or both, the platform will warn you that this label is currently in use and ask you to confirm the deletion.

When you delete or rename a label, that change will be reflected throughout your instance. Deleted labels will be removed from any domains or vendors they were applied to. Renaming a label will change how that label appears everywhere in the tool.

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