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UpGuard BreachSight

Learn how to use UpGuard BreachSight with tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases

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What is UpGuard BreachSight?UpGuard BreachSight identifies the cyber-related risks that your company is directly exposed to.
How to add your Security Rating badge to your websitePromote your UpGuard Security Rating with this embeddable badge.
How to investigate and verify a risk finding?
What are Known Exploited Vulnerabilities?UpGuard annotates vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited by attackers.
Identity breaches from ransomware leak blogsEmail addresses found in ransomware leaks are surfaced through Identity Breaches with a disclaimer that they are unverified.
How to use Public Risk Waivers in BreachSightHow to use public risk waives to share information about compensating controls for detected risks
How to generate a BreachSight subsidiaries reportUpGuard can help you generate an in-depth report designed to outline the security posture of your organization and its subsidiaries
What is Detected Products?